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Our Promise

Kaap Hoorn (‘Cape Horn’) has grown since its start-up in 2004 to become a professional accounting, audit and tax services provider. Kaap Hoorn is a local Dutch accounting, audit and tax advisory company with a team of experienced and internationally focused professionals. Most of our colleagues have many years of experience at big 4/5 audit companies. Our strengths are our dedicated staff and partners, our high quality services at competitive prices and also our accessibility and short lines with our clients. Kaap Hoorn stands for its name. Clear and down to earth.

Why Kaap Hoorn?

We stand for quality. Are always available. We know your market. We speak your language. An appointment is easily made, we are always close and always keep the right distance. We deliver the highest quality at a competitive price. Discover for yourself how short our lines are.

Are you interested? Please contact us at +31 229 799 800 or

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Accounting services

We help and support you with doing business in The Netherlands with a wide range of accounting services. For example, when you are looking to trade in The Netherlands for the first time but also when you already have a business in The Netherlands. Kaap Hoorn helps you by providing all day-to-day accounting services in order to make your business run smoothly. Our accounting services include:



Management accounts

Budgeting and Forecasts

Reporting on accounting systems and internal controls


Financial reviews

Tax returns

Kaap Hoorn continuously invests in ways to further automate the processes of bookkeeping and other administrative processes. Both to reduce the number of manual entries (preventing mistakes) and to make it more cost efficient. Kaap Hoorn offers on-line tools, and also has established links between bookkeeping software and bank accounts of many banks in The Netherlands.

Kaap Hoorn will continue to strive for digitization where possible to make the processes of bookkeeping and administration easier and more efficient.

Are you interested? Please feel free contact us, and/or request an offer for services (free of any obligation).

For accounting services, please contact drs. Stef van Kleef RA, Partner Accountancy. +31 6 5534 7810 / +31 229 799 800

Practical, Informal, Knowledgeable.

A deal is a deal.

Stef van Kleef, Registered Accountant and founder of Kaap Hoorn

Audit & Assurance services

Kaap Hoorn Audit & Assurance serves a great variety of clients, both SME companies as well as large enterprises in various industries. We inter alia offer internationally coordinated audit services to head office auditors or on a multinational level. We meet all international standards and dispose over an AFM – WTA license (which is needed to audit financial statements of companies that are legally obliged to have an audit). We take care of a tailored approach to suit the requirements and complexity of your organization, based on our knowledge of the relevant international and national legislative and regulatory requirements. Our audit services include:

Statutory Audits
With a strong focus on IT, we try to integrate software in the process of auditing where possible. This prevents mistakes and gives a basis for an efficient and down to earth audit process. Besides complying with regulatory demands, our independent reviews provide our clients with insight on effective financial reporting and control mechanisms to enhance your business performance.

Specialist Audits
Our specialist audits are requested by clients looking for sector based insight on a wide range of industries, including various charities.
Are you interested? Please feel free contact us, and/or request an offer for services (free of any obligation).

For audit & assurance services, please contact Stephan Dekker RA, Partner Audit & Assurance:; +31 6 1487 7830 / +31 229 799 800

Tax Services

We help and support our clients with a wide range of tax advisory and tax compliance services. The Dutch tax system is quite complicated, and with constantly changing tax regimes there are many cross border challenges to consider.

We help international companies with the start-up of activities in the Netherlands, and the setting-up of a company or an establishment in the Netherlands.

We assist our clients with all kind of tax returns and related tax compliance services. Further, our tax services include international tax advisory, (re)structuring, cross border investments, profit repatriation, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence services, real estate structuring and VAT / indirect taxes.

We also serve private clients with tax returns and with services like tax and estate planning, personal tax, immigration and emigration, and international inheritance/gift tax.

Are you interested? Please feel free contact us, and/or request an offer for services (free of any obligation).

For tax services, please contact mr. Coen Appelman, Partner Tax:; +31 6 1256 9612 / +31 229 799 800

10 Promises Kaap Hoorn

  • We focus on you as a customer
  • We think in solutions, not in problems. If the desired solution is not possible, we will communicate clearly about this
  • We communicate timely and clearly. We respond to your email and telephone notes within 24 hours
  • We carry out our work as much as possible at your location
  • The person with final responsibility on the assignment is regularly present at your location, for you as well as for the audit team


“We do what we promise. We are ahead of the questions and exceed expectations. We think in solutions and opportunities, not in problems. We are timely and clear in our internal and external communication. We are an interlocutor for our client and understand our client because we are interested in our client’s activities, organization and vision”

  • We are interested in your business activities and what keeps you busy. We are therefore aware of the developments within your organization through multiple contact moments during the year
  • We make clear agreements with you about the delivery and the planning
  • We have a professional critical attitude, deliver the highest quality
  • We adhere to the laws and regulations
  • We deal with your information and data in a very confidential way

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